Fountains Provide Visually Appeal While Keeping Ponds Healthier

Installing a pond fountain is a great way to increase the appeal of an already beautiful backyard feature. Fountains work equally well with natural and man-made ponds and create a distinctive look that adds a touch of elegance to the entire yard. Fountains are more than visually appealing. The sound of the running water is relaxing and the fountain can help to aerate water that may otherwise become stagnant. This makes the pond a more suitable environment for keeping fish, will help it appeal to wildlife and will aid the growth of vegetation.

An overgrowth of algae is a concern for all pond owners. A small amount provides nutrition for fish but if the algae grows too thick it will deprive everything beneath it of oxygen and sunlight. The force of the water sprayed from the fountain will break up the algae and prevent it from covering the surface. Many people choose to install a fountain and an aerator in order to provide the greatest benefit to the pond. The aerator actions causes bubbles to rise up from the bottom to the surface. This cycles water that has been oxygen depleted to the surface and helps to push the fresh water down. The dual action of the fountain and the aerator helps to prevent the water from freezing and makes it a useful water source for wildlife in the winter.

Homeowners with man-made ponds in a more urban setting will usually care more about the appearance of the feature instead of its appeal to wildlife. This is when pond fountains with lights are a popular option. The lighted fountain will give a soft glow after the sun has set and make the fountain and pond enjoyable for evening entertaining or to provide additional curb appeal.

The size and quality of aerators, fountains and lighting systems vary greatly. There are small kits for simple fountains in a residential yard and larger systems designed for commercial properties. Golf courses, resorts and municipal departments will all find suitable products that provide a huge visual impact in even large bodies of water. Homeowners will discover that something is available to meet all of their own landscaping needs.

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