What to Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump

New mothers who are breast feeding will need a breast pump at some point. The type of pump needed depends on the frequency of pumping, the amount of breast milk needed in reserve, and the time required to get the job done. A mother who chooses to remain at home, for example, will not have to pump often. Pumping will be occasional during a night out, or an extended time away from baby. Women who decide to go back to work will have to pump often to accommodate feeding times throughout the day. Pump types are hand or manual pumps, and electric pumps. Electric pumps are available in single or double capacity. Whichever type is selected, make sure it is a closed system. That means the milk does not go through the body of the pump. It reduces the risk of hidden bacteria and mold.

Hand pumps are ideal for minimal needs. They require no electricity, are portable, and cost-effective. Simplicity of use and low cost are the benefits of utilizing a manual pump. This option can be used by working mothers, but pumping takes more time which makes the process inefficient for volume pumping. Electric pumps will cost more money, but are fast and efficient. Single electric pumps tend to be more comfortable than double ones, but do not extract milk as quickly. The most common type of pump on the market today is an electric double pump. The suction mimics a nursing baby, and the pumps are easy to use. Drawbacks include the requirement of electricity, and the size of the pumps. They tend to be bulky so they are not very portable. That is not a real consideration since extraction can typically take care of needs for a full day or two if necessary.

Mothers will find as they search reviews for the best breast pump that the most popular electric pumps have battery backups in case power goes out, or an outlet is not readily available. The Tomy First Years Breast Pump, for example, is a double electric unit that can also be battery operated. It has eight suction levels to suit preferences and needs of any nursing mother. Another double electric pump is the Philips Avent Breast pump. This has three flow settings and includes a textured massage cushion for extra comfort.

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